What is BikeBrain?

BioLogic BikeBrain – GPS bike and cycle computer

BikeBrain is an App that transforms an iPhone into an easy-to-use cycle computer that does not need external cables or sensors. After downloading the App, the following data that previously required a multitude of sensors is avaialble.

  • GPS mapping
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • Elapsed time
  • Calories burnt

As this data is held on the iPhone, the data can be reviewed easily on the phone itself or transferred via email or through social media using Wifi or a phone network. The email copy of the data is in industry standard formats (GPX and KML) so can be stored on any computer, analyzed by various software packages or uploaded to other ride sharing sites online. Exporting data from the App requires an in App upgrade. 


Key features of BikeBrain:


  • Photo Sharing – one touch sharing of all photos to Facebook^
  • Video – share a video of your route with Facebook friends^
  • Geotagging – your photos, on your route, in your social media^
  • Always on – no need to enter passwords
  • Efficient battery management – go further per charge
  • Customizable windows – display the data you want to see
  • Auto-Save – each ride available on your phone, with stats
  • Programmable training mode – keep pushing yourself
  • Instant Mapping – view Google Maps on the fly
  • Swipe thru screens – we can’t hit little buttons either

^Requires in App upgrade


The Upgrades

The free version of BikeBrain is very popular and offers many great features, but to fund the addition of new features we have to charge for some premium content. Currently, we offer three distinct upgrade modules that offer additional improvements to the user experience.

Social Sharing

Purchasing this module gains access to the following functions in BioLogic BikeBrain:

  • Upload your ride data to Google Maps
  • Auto share to Facebook and/or Twitter at the start or finish of your trip with a personalized message
  • Share your trip details, photos and video via Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Geotag your trip photos to Google maps
  • Share a screenshot of your route to Facebook & Twitter
  • One touch batch photo sharing to your BikeBrain photo album on Facebook
  • Export your ride data by email in KMLGPX and CSV format


Purchasing this module gains access to the following functions in BioLogic BikeBrain:

  • View your performance data in real time on the Console Screen and Digital Screen
  • View real time graphs of your performance data on the Training Screen
  • View performance data of a total training session on the Trip Details screen
  • Export your performance data in CSV format for analysis
  • Set unlimited number of interval training profiles
  • Unlimited training distance and duration

Data Enhancement Module:

Purchasing this module gains access to the following functions in BioLogic BikeBrain:

  • Select a high contrast color scheme for easier screen viewing under strong sunlight
  • Record and save an unlimited number of trips on your iPhone
  • Select from the following additional data fields for display on the Digital Screen
    • Current/Average/Maximum Pace
    • Total Ascent/Descent
    • Lowest/Highest Altitude of ride
    • Current/Average Energy Burn Rate (Cal/min and kJ/h)
  • The additional data fields selected are automatically included in the Trip Details and your Personal Best screens